Millions of products, Thousands of locations, One supplier.

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Do you want access to the largest network of suppliers in the UK & Ireland? Save time and money with Express Merchants

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we have over 6,000 locations

Established in 2017, Express Merchants now has the largest network of suppliers in the UK & Ireland.

Some of the well known brands we have on board

Centralising and connecting all of your procurement needs

Track Spend
and Monitor Costs

With our Express Merchants app, we have combined
Technical knowledge | Business Expertise | Creativity

Putting our technology in the hands of our engineers will save time and resources allowing them to do amazing things, amazingly fast.

Millions of products, Thousands of locations Your Choice

We specialise in streamlining your procurement needs. In doing this we reduce your supplier lists while also increasing the number of supplier locations.

We work hard to ensure that you benefit from:

Reduced Costs
Cut Overheads
Lower Carbon Footprint Save Time

Our Site team love it! The ability to get the materials they need, when they need them without having to travel 20+ km saves us so much time & money (on Diesel alone)!

Revolutionary for the delivery of services

Michael Quinn

No more expense
sheets from employees

Access to Amazon Business
Trade cards for employees

We started using Express Merchants to aid our engineers on a national Contract; the access to suppliers in some of the UK’s most remote areas has been a game changer for us to hit our clients’ expectations. The team at Express Merchants have been brilliant setting up accounts where we need them

Oliver Allen

Direct access to
worldwide travel
and accommodation

Hotel accommodation | Flights | Corporate rates

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